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Where I Stand

Safety First

As a first responder (EMT) I understand the importance of keeping people and communities safe. Our police must be funded to protect our citizens.  When people are not safe, it affects people's mental and physical health. It also affects the quality of life. Violence and lawlessness are not acceptable.

Gun Control

Our 2nd Amendment gives US citizens the right to bear arms. I am absolutely pro 2nd Amendment.  We as citizens have the right to protect ourselves, and our loved ones.


I have over 30 years working in healthcare. In the US, healthcare is one of the most important issues for people, both affordable care and the high cost of medications.  I absolutely believe every American should have access to affordable care. If health issues are not addressed early, they can create more costly care. 


So called "free healthcare" for all has some major issues. For five years I had the opportunity to be an advisor for the  Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system. I learned a lot about " free care".

The first issue, quality care. In a "free" system, it may not be quality. The second issue, access to care. It will be limited due to overwhelmed system. The V.A. has made much progress and continues to improve. It would be beneficial to look at that system and learn how to make it better. For a more immediate option, have teaching hospitals create clinics in low-income and rural areas for affordable care as interns learn.  


Affordable medications are essential. People should not have to choose between food, rent, or medications. This is happening now. An example is the recent increase in diabetes medications, as well as epi pins. The price of both lifesaving medications were dramatically increased as a result of Biden's new policy.


I prefer options that empower people, I prefer sustainable, affordable, and safe for all ages options for health. Why don't we teach prevention of illness and disease? Why don't we teach people about the value of  vitamins,  plants as medicines, and other natural solutions?  Why aren't we using frequency, Light, and sound healing? Why aren't people taught about  chiropractic and naturopathic options, acupuncture, and other alternatives as the first choice for non-emergency ailments such as digestive issues, migraines, depression, and anxiety? These options would make the U.S. healthier as a country and would decrease drug dependence /addiction. People who are informed make better choices and manage their health.

If we taught our children now about health and healing, we would change the future of this nation. 

My dream is a healthy, educated, empowered America.

Political Correctness


I am politically direct. We have many real issues that require truth to fix them. If you are offended, know it was not directed towards you. Some people make a hobby out of being offended and outraged. How you "feel" is not my responsibility. That's your issue.

I am an old-school, common-sense woman. I get it done and I treat others the way I want to be treated. I have lived a life of service to others, I  am kind compassionate and fair-minded. I do not feel the need, nor will I waste time defending & justify nonsensical BS. I know my intent is always to do good, help others.  I do so because I love life, humanity, Mother Earth, and this great country! God Bless America!



I would like to see our schools prepare our youth for success.  We need to bring back vocational schools, promote trade schools, and create a skilled workforce.  

I love "made in America". Manufacturing at home stimulates our economy, empowers our people, makes the US sustainable, creates financial health for our future, and raises people out of poverty.

Affordable Housing


This issue is personal to me. Many of our homeless are veterans. As a Veteran myself, these are my people. They served this country, we must take care of our veterans. They sacrificed so we can live free.

We also have to consider people who are single parents, in transition, divorced, and our young people who aged out of foster care, or new grads. When you have a safe place to sleep, a place to store your personal items, to take a shower, to simply having an address, this creates stability. This creates a path for people to save money, to get ahead. This is about helping restore human dignity.


Let's take abandon hotels, college dorms, office buildings and create "opportunity communities". I say cut 80% of foreign aid to other countries. We would be able to create affordable places for people to live within a year.  We would restore the hope of so many. This is a hand-up for those who need it the most. 



I am opposed to the current open-border policy. Our immigration system is broken. It's time to create a system that gets the job done in a timely manner.

My family came from Ireland. I come from immigrants.

This country is the land of opportunity, this is why people want to come to America. I would like to see undocumented people (who are not criminals) be afforded the opportunity to become American citizens.  People who are here illegally should be offered an opportunity to become citizens. This includes the dreamers. They must, however, go thru a legal process. They should not be eligible for public assistance upon entry. When the undocumented are dependent on public assistance, it falls to American taxpayers. This is an unfair burden via increased taxes. 


Perhaps undocumented people can have a sponsor who is financially responsible for them. Someone to help them get assimilated. Partnerships with businesses that can hire people is another option for sponsoring newcomers.



We must put protecting Mother Earth as a priority.

When we pollute the earth it creates health issues for the U.S. We can start today with fewer chemicals in the air, water, earth.

We must seek sustainable, eco-friendly, innovative solutions. Some examples include magnetism and frequency - safe and infinite.


We should teach our kids gardening and planting fruit trees. When they see Earth as a lifeline for food, kids will want to protect the Earth and its creatures.


We also must recognize, the rest of the world contributes to this pollution. We cannot restrict the U.S. while other countries do as they please, destroying the environment.  This must be a worldwide collaboration - fair and balanced.

Thank you for your time. if what you read here sounds fair and reasonable, I'm asking for your support. I'm asking for you to help me, help you and our district.  Please tell others about me.  I appreciate it. 


Peace & amore,

Dr. Leona Di Amore

*More issues and updates coming soon. 

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